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Anonymous asked: okay i mean do what you need to do just know that if you need to talk all of us are here

i know i know

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stjimmylives asked: Billie Joe says to stay strong and have a nice day. Do what you need to do, love, if it's the only thing that will make you feel any better, but make sure you get some rest afterward, have a nice breakfast, listen to some Green Day, take care of yourself, and keep us updated on how you're feeling. We care and we're here to listen. Hope you feel better tomorrow!

I actually greatly appreciate this message. thank you for realizing that this is a problem and telling me to be careful about it. that’s better than “stop”

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It’s crazy to think that Green Day basically created an entirely new genre, bands from All Time Low to Simple Plan to Mayday Parade to even Fall Out Boy wouldn’t exist without Green Day’s influence, and that’s really something and that’s why I freaking love Green Day.

And yet some people are complaining that they were nominated for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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